About The Creator

Creator Ann Kirsten Kennis has been around the world… literally!

As a high-fashion model in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Ann was known for being the face of many popular brands including L’Oréal, Revlon, Vaseline, Jordache, Fabergé, Cuervo, and more. Although she was based out of New York City, her jobs with the Ford and Elite modeling agencies allowed her to explore the entire world. Her love for travel and adventure blossomed into the idea for Cosmic Cubs, knowledge-loving space bears that teach children about the universe.


Cosmic Cubs first began as a line of stuffed animals that were sold in planetariums, science centers, and specialty stores. While considering a national expansion to the line, Ann met her husband, Jeffrey, a specialty toy representative. 


After a several years of focusing on her family, Ann’s young daughter, Alex, had the idea to bring the Cubs to the internet. It was then that the Cosmic Cubs website and apps were created; like all good explorers, the Cosmic Cubs decided to undertake their next adventure by launching into cyberspace!


These days, Ann’s daughter is grown and the Cosmic Cubs apps are loved by children and their parents around the world. Ann’s chosen corner of the universe is in Florida with her husband—who is still in the toy business— and two happy cockapoos, Zacky and Rusty.


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